SONY DSCNeil is a lifelong Maryland resident who believes in the founding principles of our country: Lower Taxes, Limited Government, and Individual Responsibility. He lives in Hagerstown with his wife of 14 years, April, and their 3 children, Patience, Charity, and Neilson.


neil-trafficNeil graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a BS in Civil Engineering, then went to work for the Maryland State Highway Administration as a Traffic Engineer. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Mount St. Mary’s University, earning a 4.0 and being selected as the student graduation speaker.

After 12 years, Neil left state employment to become the Deputy Director of Public Works for Engineering at the City of Frederick. With valuable state and municipal experience under his belt, Neil took on the challenge of starting his own small traffic engineering business, Traffic Solutions, Inc. (TRSI) in Washington County. The business employs full and part-time employees and has helped improve roadways in the tri-state region.


TJW_6061In 2008 Neil formed the Hagerstown Tea Party, helping to give the people a voice in calling for Fiscal Responsibility in Government. With the government borrowing and spending so much money, constitutional provisions being challenged and overridden like never before, and with the threat of a government takeover of our health care system it was time for action.

Thankfully, thousands of people in the tri-state region responded, and we helped a national movement that delayed Obamacare for over a year. In the process, the implementation of another threat, cap and trade legislation, was halted.


In 2010, Neil was elected to the General Assembly as a Delegate representing the Southern portion of Washington County. He serves on the Judiciary Committee, working for you, your family, and common sense.

“Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Jobs”.  For me, this is not a campaign slogan, it is a promise.  I made this pledge four years ago and repeat the pledge this year as I am running for reelection.

I firmly believe, and history has proven, that by lowering taxes and decreasing unnecessary bureaucracy in government, businesses can thrive and jobs will be created.   I signed the taxpayer protection pledge and have voted against every tax increase proposed by O’Malley/Brown Administration.

parrott-chickensThis year I was glad to work with other legislators to significantly reduce the “death tax” and worked to help pass a bill that allows a much higher tax deduction for our hard-working volunteer fire fighters and EMS workers.

These victories for Marylanders need to be multiplied many times in order to make our state more attractive to businesses and families.  In the eight years of the O’Malley/Brown Administration, over 80 tax, toll, and fee increases are costing the average Maryland family over $4,000/year.

On top of the excessive taxing and spending the O’Malley/Brown Administration has borrowed millions of dollars to pay for big government spending that our grandchildren will have to pay back.  Rather than making sure Maryland’s retirees will be paid their pensions, just last year the administration stole $1 million from the pension fund to pay current expenses.  This is wrong.

I know that we can do better, and you can trust my record to know that I will continue to work for common-sense solutions to reduce spending, reduce our debt, and to decrease taxes.  Maryland can once again be a leader in industry and job growth.  I ask for your vote so that I can continue to in Annapolis to make Maryland a better place for families.

Neil would love to hear from you. Please take a moment to send him a message using the online contact form.


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